Commonwealth Reports On Hospitals Reporting No CLABSIs in ICUs

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This new report from the Commonwealth Fund offers lessons from hospitals that have not experienced any central line associated blood stream infections in their ICUs in 2009.  These lessons include following evidenced based protocols, importance of a dedicated team overseeing central line insertions, value of participation in national and statewide collaborative, and the need for continued monitoring of infection rates and maintaining communication with staff about rates and goal achievement.

MOCPS Co-Hosts CUSP/Stop CLABSI Mid-Course Meeting in Topeka, Kansas

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The Kansas Healthcare Collaborative, along with the Missouri Center for Patient Safety, co-hosted the Cohort 5 & 6 CUSP/Stop CLABSI Mid-Course meetings in Topeka, Kansas this week!  Over 30 teams from Kansas and Missouri were in attendance and participated in group work on overcoming project barriers and walked through the process of learning from a defect.

Several Missouri teams were recognized for completing 6 or more consecutive months without a CLABSI in 2011, and teams from Cohort 2 in the Greater Kansas City area were recognized for completing the two year project.  Congratulations to all the Missouri teams!

MOCPS Leading CUSP Education in National NICU CLABSI Collaborative

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The MOCPS has been invited to lead a six-month course on the Comprehensive Unit-based Safety Program (CUSP) to over 70 Neonatal Intensive Care Units (NICUs) located throughout 7 states.  All participating NICUs have joined a national collaborative sponsored by the Health Research Educational Trust (HRET) to stop central-line associated blood stream infections (CLABSIs).   Read More

5 Years of Progress – 2010 – JUST RELEASED!

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Pride in our work! We think it really shows in our recently published report: 5 Years of Progress–2010.

Safety improvement involves everyone who drives the delivery of health care, and many have established important partnerships with the Center.  Together, in just five years, we established the Center as a leader in PSO services, working with more than 180 providers to report medical mistakes, efficiently learn valuable information from those mistakes, and take actions aimed at prevention. Read More

AHRQ PSO Annual Meeting in Rockville, Maryland, May 9-10

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Diane Cousins & Michele Hilburn

Along with representatives from 46 other PSOs, Becky Miller, MOCPS Executive Director, and Michele Hilburn, with Jefferson Regional Medical Center, attended the AHRQ PSO Annual Meeting in Rockville, Maryland,  May 9-10.  Michele provided a stellar presentation at a break out session at the request of AHRQ.  She shared how Jefferson Regional has established its Patient Safety Evaluation System so that it may benefit from working with a PSO while meeting its own needs — an area that has proven challenging for providers and PSOs.

Learn more.

The Center’s Patient Safety Tele-Forum with Host, Nick Haines from KCPT-TV

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Nick Haines

The below Tele-Forum segments, hosted by KCPT’s Nick Haines, include patient safety experts, Judy Baker, Dr. Sean Berenholz, David Marx, Becky Miller and Diane Cousins, whose brief and information-packed discussions trigger a wide variety of potential news stories.

A consistent and key goal for the Center is patient safety awareness within the health care industry, for the media and the general public.  We intensify our awareness and educational efforts each year in the month of April to further increase the use of patient safety language and cultural practices professionally and publicly.

Learn More.

HHS Gives Outstanding Leadership Award for Achievements in Eliminating Ventilator Associated Pneumonia and Central Line Associated Blood Stream Infections to St. Joseph Mercy Hospital

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The Center is so proud of our friend, colleague and faculty member, Pat Posa RN, BSN, MSA, for her leading role in earning the US Department of Health and Human Services Outstanding Leadership Award for St. Joseph Mercy Hospital in Ann Arbor, Michigan!  Pat is the System Performance Improvement Leader at St. Joseph Mercy Health System.
Read More

Safe Health Care – What Missouri Providers are Doing for You

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As a federally designated Patient Safety Organization (PSO), MOCPS is part of a national program which will have reduced preventable adverse events by 3% within the first five years of operations of PSOs, according to estimates from the federal Department of Health and Human Services, saving $435 million in national health care costs.

Safe Health Care – What Missouri Providers are Doing for You

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