Hospitals Can Offer AHRQ’s Free “Taking Care of Myself” Brochure to Patients Being Discharged

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In support of Patient Safety Awareness Week (March 4–10), the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) offers a bilingual guide that can help hospitals reduce their readmission rates by better preparing patients for self-care and follow-up appointments before they leave the hospital. The guide—Taking Care of Myself: A Guide for When I Leave the Hospital/Cómo cuidarme: Guía para cuando salga del hospital—is available as a printed document or fillable PDF that clinicians can complete in the hospital and share with patients before they leave. The guide is adapted from Project RED (Re-Engineered Discharge), which was funded by AHRQ and developed by Brian Jack, M.D., and colleagues at Boston University Medical Center. For a copy of the guide in English, go to: http://www.ahrq.gov/qual/goinghomeguide.htm or in Spanish, visit: http://www.ahrq.gov/qual/goinghomesp.htm

To order print copies, email your request to AHRQPubs@ahrq.hhs.gov or call 800–358–9295.

For the brochure in English, please reference AHRQ No. 10-0059 with your request, or for the brochure in Spanish, please reference AHRQ Pub. No. 10-0059-C.


Next Survey on Patient Safety Culture Begins April 2nd!

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Are you ready for AHRQ’s Survey on Patient Safety culture at your location?  Submit your interest form for the April 2nd survey cycle by Thursday, March 8th!

Did you know?  The patient safety culture survey provides feedback on your organization’s communication, teamwork, patient safety, leadership, and staff engagement?  The results can be used to improve your current culture and improve patient satisfaction, reduce liability exposure, improve staff satisfaction, reduce staff turnover, reduce liability insurance, and much more! Read More

AHRQ’s Perspectives on Safety

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Lawrence Smith, MD, founding dean of the Hofstra North Shore-LIJ School of Medicine, recently gave an interview, on resident supervision and patient safety. Listen to an excerpt online or download a podcast. An accompanying perspective piece, by C. Jessica Dine, MD, MA, and Jennifer S. Myers, MD, University of Pennsylvania, examine how increased supervision influences the educational experience for trainees.

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Tips for a Successful Survey on Patient Safety Culture

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The Hospital Survey on Patient Safety Culture is an invaluable diagnostic tool that allows you to look beyond the physical impression of your facility’s culture. AHRQ’s in-depth study of question formatting, wording, and categorizing has resulted in a highly reliable resource that can provide a detailed analysis of your patient safety culture. The results will provide supporting evidence of positive cultural improvements and locate areas of cultural weaknesses.  AHRQ offers a national database so you can see how you measure up:  Check out the 2012 Comparative Database Report!

But all too often, surveys are distributed, results are collected, and then… nothing happens.  Read More

Latest Issue of AHRQ WebM&M

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This month, the Perspectives on Safety section covers fall prevention with Ann L. Hendrich, RN, PhD, of Ascension Health. A leading expert on health care–associated falls, who developed one of the most widely used risk assessment tools. Listen to an excerpt online or download a podcast interview.

In the Spotlight Case, “Order Interrupted by Text: Multitasking Mishap,” while entering an order via smartphone to discontinue anticoagulation on a patient, a resident received a text message from a friend and forgot to complete the order.

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MOCPS Leading CUSP Education in National NICU CLABSI Collaborative

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The MOCPS has been invited to lead a six-month course on the Comprehensive Unit-based Safety Program (CUSP) to over 70 Neonatal Intensive Care Units (NICUs) located throughout 7 states.  All participating NICUs have joined a national collaborative sponsored by the Health Research Educational Trust (HRET) to stop central-line associated blood stream infections (CLABSIs).   Read More

Latest AHRQ Newsletter Notes Improved Patient Safety with Medical Team Training

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The November AHRQ newsletter has two examples about the positive influence of team training on medical workers and its effect on patient safety.   Dr. Robert Wachter, Editor of AHRQ WebM&M, spoke with Dr. Eduardo Salas, a professor of Psychology at the University of Central Florida who served in the Navy for 15 years, about applying lessons learned from military team work training to medical teams.  “Those who know about teamwork do better.” Read the interview and listen to a perspective piece online.

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Streamline Your Patient Safety Culture Survey!

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Do you Want to Streamline your Patient Safety Culture Survey?

Using AHRQ’s standardized test questions and format, the Missouri Center for Patient Safety has developed a convenient, online environment for your staff to anonymously take the survey on a computer at work, at home, or in the local coffee shop – anywhere they feel comfortable providing honest feedback about your safety culture.

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