Our Founding Members, Vision and Mission

Center Staff

The Missouri Center for Patient Safety (MOCPS), dba Center for Patient Safety, is a private, not-for-profit corporation dedicated to fostering change throughout the nation’s health care delivery systems and across the continuum of care. It was established by The Missouri Hospital Association (MHA), the Missouri State Medical Association (MSMA) and Primaris in response to recommendations from the Governor’s Commission for Patient Safety.


The Center’s vision is “a health care environment safe for all patients and healthcare providers, in all processes, all the time”.


The Center’s mission is “to be a leader in providing solutions and resources to improve patient safety and the quality of health care delivery by conducting activities in collaboration with healthcare providers, physicians, purchasers, consumers and government”.


Methods and activities employed or promoted by the Center will be non-punitive in nature

The Center will focus on culture, system and process changes

The Center will focus its efforts to achieve continuous improvements in patient safety and health care quality

The Center’s methods and activities will be evidence-based

The Center will identify and share best practices that are proven effective, being sensitive to resource requirements

The Center will use its resources to provide an informed response to legislative, regulatory and accreditation patient safety related draft requirements and standards as appropriate

The Center will promote responsible and accountable public education

The Center will rely on stakeholders, participants in Center activities and members for patient safety data and information

The Center will promote collaboration and consensus seeking in its activities

The Center will advocate for implementation of proven patient safety initiatives

The Center will promote and advocate for voluntary, confidential adverse event reporting to promote learning from the data and sharing of improvement strategies that will lead to prevention of adverse events

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