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Many states around the nation do not provide adequate confidentiality, or peer review protections for EMS agencies and providers. A solution to overcome this barrier comes to you from a Patient Safety Organization – the Center for Patient Safety. We offer federal-based confidentiality protection for your safety and quality improvement work.

What Can Your Agency/Organization Protect?
  • Trip review documentation (for example: communication/feedback to your staff about their performance; focused reviews of traumas or codes)
  • Documentation and conversations related to investigations of incident reports
  • Internal studies on medication and other types of errors
  • Case reviews by your agency’s Medical Director
  • Regional quality committee meetings (certain conditions must be present)
  • Most any electronic or paper documentation, notes, and data related to your agency’s safety and quality improvement processes

Benefits of Working with the Center for Patient Safety (CPS)

The CPS is a leader in PSO services for EMS providers, delivering protection solutions since 2009. We are currently working with over 80 ambulance services, giving CPS the knowledge and experience to appreciate the unique qualities of your EMS agency. We offer a data system customized for EMS medical error data collection needs, capturing the challenges of pre-hospital patient care.

In addition to having access to our EMS data system, as a participant with CPS, you will receive:

  • Guidance on developing your service’s policies for working with the PSO and assistance with setting up your Patient Safety Evaluation System
  • Educational webinars to increase your knowledge and understanding of working with the PSO
  • Ability to access service-specific reports for analysis and comparisons
  • Resources to help you assess your agency’s culture of safety and learn what actions can improve the safety culture

Summary of Court Cases Addressing PSO Protections

PSO Case Law (Illinois): Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation (IDFPR) v. Walgreen, Company – May 29, 2012
PSO Case Law (Ohio):  Gooden v. CVS Caremark Corp – November 20, 2012
PSO Case Law (Kentucky): Kentucky courts are at the forefront of PSQIA interpretation – August 16, 2012; August 16, 2012, July 11, 2013
PSO Case Law (Pennsylvania): Morgan v. Community Medical Center Healthcare System – June 14, 2011


Fees for PSO Participation

Our fee schedule is reasonable and based on your agency’s annual call volume and other factors.  Contact us for more information.

Where do I begin?

Participation with the CPS PSO begins with a contract. The contract establishes your relationship with the PSO, expectations, and your agency’s intent to report medical error data to the PSO. Our staff will assist you with understanding the contract and begin your initial education on PSOs and what you need to know to work with us.  Contact us today for more information!

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The CPS PSO Team

Becky Miller, MHA, CPHQ, FACHE, CPPS, Executive Director, bmiller@mocps.org
Carol Hafley, MHA, BSN, RN, FACHE, Assistant Director, chafley@mocps.org
Eunice Halverson, MA, Patient Safety Specialist, ehalverson@mocps.org
Kathy Wire, JD, MBA, CPHRM, Project Manager, kwire@mocps.org
Alex Christgen, Office/Program Manager, achristgen@mocps.org
Michael Handler, MD, MMM, FACPE, Medical Director
Amy Vogelsmeier, PhD, RN, GCNS-BC, Contractor


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