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Just in from the Missouri Ambulance Meeting

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There was strong interest about ambulance design standards and safety at the MAA membership meeting last week.  Ron Thackery, AMR, Senior Vice President of Professional Services and Integration presented “National Ambulance Standards: What’s Ahead”.  Many EMS leaders wonder what the future holds as new design and safety standards will likely increase the cost of manufacturing.

Mr. Thackery’s discussion topics included:

  • National standards – do they exist for safety and what is their impact on EMS?
  • The differences between the GSA/KKK ambulance design standard, NFPA 1917 and CAAS GVS 2015.
  • Why so many EMTs/Medics do not currently wear seat belts in the back of an ambulance.
  • How you can improve the culture of safety in your organization.
  • Are bigger ambulances really better?
  • Now that you’ve seen powered cots and powered loading devices – what’s next on the horizon?
  • Do ergonomics matter in the back of the rig?

Terry Buddemeyer, Director for the Washington Area Ambulance District, commented about the presentation:  “The presentation was extremely helpful in understanding the different definitions that are being used in our industry… I also found the simulated crash information very concerning, in fact it would be good for our EMT’s and Paramedics to see what happens at a 30 mph crash.”

MAA logo_outlinedFor more information go to the Missouri Ambulance Association website. Serving all Missouri Emergency Medical Service Providers.

Exciting Opportunity for Nursing Home Infection Prevention!

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The Center is excited to be spending Tuesday July 15th in Chicago with colleagues from the Missouri Hospital Association, AHA’s Health Research and Education Trust and others to bring home everything we need to support interested nursing home in a collaborative opportunity focused on safety culture and infection prevention. The collaborative will bring national experts, evidence-based practices and expert support to participating nursing homes! Look for more information and recruitment information soon!

A Message from the Center’s Medical Director

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A message from Michael Handler, MD, Medical Director, Center for Patient Safety

From a physician’s perspective, organizations such as the Center for Patient Safety, including the role of a federally-designated Patient Safety Organization (PSO), are playing a key role in healthcare and can play an even greater role in the future.

I am proud to serve as the Center’s Medical Director supporting the Center’s work with health systems, hospitals, ambulance services, physician practices and nursing homes as well as its outreach to consumers.

As the healthcare landscape continues to change under the federal Affordable Care Act, implementation of Health Insurance Exchanges and the explosion of Accountable Care Organizations, the need for healthcare providers to work together across various settings is increasing exponentially. This work must focus on the assessment, evaluation and improvement of the quality and safety of healthcare delivery regardless of where that care is delivered. This is where organizations like the Center come into play!

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June 2014 AHRQ Web M&M Released

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The most recent release of the AHRQ Web M&M: morbidity & mortality rounds on the web, include the following cases and commentaries:

Review these cases and the commentaries provided for reasons these events occurred and tips and resources to prevent similar situations from occurring at your healthcare location.

Alarm fatigue continues to be a challenge

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Alarm fatigue continues to be a challenge to patient safety across the nation.  Learn what interventions Boston Medical Center implemented over the past two years to reduce their audible alarms by 89% with no adverse events attributed to the changes.  A bonus:  they significantly increased satisfaction among both nurses and patients!

AHRQ Health Care Innovations Exchange: Innovations and tools to improve quality and reduce disparities

An EMS PSO Call to Action

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We are fortunate in Missouri to have the opportunity to work with an EMS Patient Safety Organization (PSO). As you know, the Center, as a PSO is collecting data you have indicated to be important to you, including ambulance crashes.

Please take a moment to read an interesting and concerning article about ambulance crashes in JEMS online.  The article concludes with an opportunity to share events and find ways to improve our industry, however, the authors do not mention the opportunity to do just that, through a Patient Safety Organization (PSO).

CALL TO ACTION: When you finish reading the article, please consider taking a moment to post a comment supporting the importance of the PSO to EMS.

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Ghostbusters and QIO Program Turn 30: Who You Gonna Call for Medicare Concerns?

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Primaris will no longer handle Missouri Medicare case reviews beginning August 1, 2014.

COLUMBIA, Mo. — Thirty years ago, Ghostbusters made the question “Who you gonna call” go viral long before the days of social media. 1984 was the same year Quality Improvement Organizations (QIOs), like Missouri-based Primaris, began answering the call of Medicare patients with concerns about their care or when they believe a healthcare service is ending too soon.

Beginning August 1, 2014, Missourian patients and providers will no longer call health care quality-improvement consulting company Primaris. All current and future beneficiary quality review case work and appeals will be conducted by KEPRO, located in Seven Hills, Ohio.

What does this mean for you and your organization?

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CPS Hosting Safe Table Discussions with PSO Participants

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This Summer, the Center for Patient Safety (CPS) is hosting regional meetings for healthcare providers that have a current PSO agreement with CPS.  It’s a rewarding afternoon that focuses on patient safety and promotes networking with peers through Safe Tables.

What is a “Safe Table”?  It’s a members-only shared learning meeting among healthcare providers to network and exchange patient safety experiences and best practices in an open, uninhibited and legally protected environment.  The venue allows participants to share de-identified adverse events with other hospitals, gain input and support and learn from their own mistakes as well as the mistakes of others.  Ultimately, the end result is safer care for patients in all the participants’ hospitals.

Registration information will be delivered directly to CPS PSO participants.

If you have questions or are interested in joining the Center’s PSO, please contact any member of our PSO team or call 888.935.8272.

  • Becky Miller, MHA, CPHQ, FACHE, CPPS, Executive Director,
  • Eunice Halverson, MA, Patient Safety Specialist,
  • Kathy Wire, JD, MBA, CPHRM, Project Manager,
  • Alex Christgen, BSBA, Project/Operations Manager and Analyst,
  • Lee Varner, BS EMS, EMT-P, Project Manager, EMS Services,
  • Michael Handler, MD, MMM, FACPE, Medical Director
  • Amy Vogelsmeier, PhD, RN, GCNS-BC, Contractor

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