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A Message from the Center’s Medical Director

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A message from Michael Handler, MD, Medical Director, Center for Patient Safety

From a physician’s perspective, organizations such as the Center for Patient Safety, including the role of a federally-designated Patient Safety Organization (PSO), are playing a key role in healthcare and can play an even greater role in the future.

I am proud to serve as the Center’s Medical Director supporting the Center’s work with health systems, hospitals, ambulance services, physician practices and nursing homes as well as its outreach to consumers.

As the healthcare landscape continues to change under the federal Affordable Care Act, implementation of Health Insurance Exchanges and the explosion of Accountable Care Organizations, the need for healthcare providers to work together across various settings is increasing exponentially. This work must focus on the assessment, evaluation and improvement of the quality and safety of healthcare delivery regardless of where that care is delivered. This is where organizations like the Center come into play!

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Center Releases EMS-PSONews, Spring Edition

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Click image to download or click HERE to view on ISSUU

EMS PSONews… a compilation of PSO topics specific to EMS

The latest EMS PSONews-Spring Edition includes articles and PSO information specific to EMS:

  • learning and sharing: defibrillation vs synchronized cardioversion
  • updates on EMS PSO activity
  • a legal update on Patient Safety Organization (PSO) protections,
  • highlights from the annual Agency for Healthcare Research & Quality meeting,
  • and much more!

Center releases Spring edition of PSO Newsletter

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Click image to download or click HERE to view on ISSUU

The latest PSONews-Spring Edition includes:

  • a legal update on Patient Safety Organization (PSO) protections,
  • highlights from the annual Agency for Healthcare Research & Quality meeting,
  • coverage of the CPS WhitePaper on PSOs & ACOs,
  • a shared story with positive results from a policy aimed at managing aggressive behavior in the hospital,
  • and much more!

CPS welcomes Lee Varner as new EMS Project Manager

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The Center is excited and proud to announce Lee Varner as our new EMS Project Manager as of May 21!  Lee joins the Center, most recently working with Mercy St. Louis as the EMS Outreach Coordinator where he has been working on a multitude of projects, including the development and implementation of “EMSource” a Mercy smart device application for EMS agencies to quickly access protocols and other useful information.  Lee is a licensed paramedic with over 20 years of field experience, and also  serves on the Missouri State Clinical Conference Board and the St. Louis County EMS and Hospital Communications Commission. Lee will be heading up all of the Center’s work related to emergency medical services safety culture and PSO activities.  Please join us in welcoming Lee!

Center Releases 2013 Annual Report

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The Center for Patient Safety has recently released the 2013 Annual Report. In addition, the Center has provided a 2013 PSO Report that highlights and summarizes the data found in the Patient Safety Organization (PSO) database.

We hope you will see the value in the work that is being done by the Center in collaboration with many healthcare providers across the nation to improve the safety of healthcare delivery and the reduction of patient harm.

Click on a report to download:

2013 Annual Report   2013 PSO Report

CPS Announces Eighth Annual Patient Safety Conference in 2014

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Just Released! PSONews Summer Edition

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The Center for Patient Safety’s latest issue of PSONews

View/Download the Summer 2013 Edition

View online at Issuu

The Center’s Summer Edition of PSONews contains the following articles and more:

  • PSOs Collaborate  …P1
  • Show Instead of Tell …P2
  • Patient Safety Culture Survey…P3
  • Second Victims…P4
  • Webinar Series …P6
  • Center Tidbits …P7
  • A Fall Free Culture …P8
  • PSO Data Snapshot…P10
  • PSO Calendar …P12

For additional information on the Center’s PSO activities, please sign up for email updates, or for the most up-to-date news, follow us on Twitter @PtSafetyExpert.

ACA and PSO Participation?

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The AHA has cautioned hospitals about regulations that have not yet been issued for provisions within the federal health reform law  (ACA) requiring hospitals with more than 50 beds to work with Patient Safety Organizations (PSOs) by January 2015. This is true; we are still waiting for these regulations, among many others to implement the ACA. However, hospitals are encouraged to continue to identify PSOs that can meet their needs because it will take some time to select a PSO, contract for services and become familiar with the advantages of PSO participation. These advantages are much more than meeting ACA provisions, PSO participation can increase internal reporting and knowledge about adverse events and near misses and allow healthcare providers to collaborate to proactively learn about and take action to prevent the cause of medical error, ultimately resulting in reduced harm and attributable cost.

Contact the Center for more information about PSO participation.